Sequence Resources at PlantGDB

All PlantGDB sequences and associated data are available for search or download. An FTP server is also available for batch download of either public sequence or PUT assembly data. The sections below describe each sequence type. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to help!

Public Plant Sequence

Search or download species-parsed, public plant sequence data (GenBank and UniProt), or use our FTP Server for batch download. Sequence data are refreshed every 4 months, coinciding with (odd-numbered) GenBank bimonthly version releases. PlantGDB's version update is named after the corresponding GenBank release, e.g. Version 169.

  • Current Version Release: 187  (2011-12-15)
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Transcript Assemblies (PUT)

Custom transcript assemblies or PUTs (PlantGDB-generated Unique Transcripts) representing 274 species are available for search or download as well as FTP.
To learn more, refer to our Overview page.
For list of recently assembled species, go to the PUT Progress Page
For comprehensive PUT download directories, go to the download page.

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GSS Assemblies

For species with large amounts of Genome Survey Sequences (GSS) data, we provide custom GSS assemblies. Current GSS assemblies include Zea mays and Sorghum bicolor.

Genome Sequences

The xGDB repository contains all sequence data, gene models, and MySQL database tables from our genome browsers such as ZmGDB. Data are synchronized with the genome browser version, and thus may not be the same as our latest PlantGDB version.


PlantGDB uses several MySQL databases to store species-parsed sequence data and PlantGDB-specific sequence data. These databases can be downloaded for local queries [some databases may be unavailable].

Special Datasets

Refer to the Special Datasets overview for details on special datasets available at PlantGDB, including AcDs Tagging, alternative splicing (ASIP), splicing-related gene data (SRGD), RescueMu, UniformMu, and PLEXdb.

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