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Genome / Gene Models

BACs and BAC-sized sequences (>10,000 bp) displayed at HvGDB are from GenBank Release 157. Gene models are from GenBank. More about the genome...

Alignments to Genome

HvGDB displays high quality spliced alignments for EST, cDNA, PUT, and model species proteins. More about alignments...


Search or download any splice-aligned sequences, gene models, or genomic sequence from HvGDB. The entire HvGDB dataset can also be downloaded. More about search / download...

Note: sequences displayed here may not reflect the latest Hordeum vulgare sequence count at PlantGDB, which can be viewed on our download page.


Sequence analysis tools accessed from the Genome Context View menu use the current genomic region as input. Or, to access the same tools without a genomic context, use HvGDB left menubar Tools links. More about tools...

Community Annotation

Help annotate the Hordeum vulgare genome using our yrGATE gene structure annotation tool (see Overview), aided by GAEVAL tables that flag problematic gene models. Video demo: QuickTime   Flash  

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Custom Track Display

Distributed Annotation Service (DAS) (see Overview) is available for displaying remotely served genome alignments at HvGDB, as well as for displaying selected HvGDB tracks on a different genome browser (e.g. Ensembl, GBrowse). How to use DAS...

Additional custom track display features are under development.

Annotated protein alignments

Annotated Protein Alignments: A searchable table of splice-aligned, annotated protein models. TBD.


Genome browser video demo: QuickTime Flash
For help pages and tutorials focusing on genome browser features and gene annotation, see side bar.

HvGDB is being developed as a part of our NSF-funded project "Cyberinfrastructure for (Comparative) Plant Genome Research Through PlantGDB" (PI: Volker Brendel). The purpose of this resource is to provide a convenient sequence-centered genome view for Hordeum vulgare, with a narrow focus on gene structure annotation.

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