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Sequence ID: PUT-157a-Hordeum_vulgare-34325

PUT-157a-Hordeum_vulgare-34325 refers to an old record from a previous assembly!

  • Title: PlantGDB-assembled Unique Transcript-fragment derived from Hordeum_vulgare mRNAs Jan_19_2007 (based on GenBank release 157).
  • Type: EST Contig
  • Length: 2808
  • Organism: Hordeum vulgare
  • Version: 157a
  • Download Link: Current EST Assemblies, including Hordeum vulgare

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Distribution of member ESTs among libraries

Library NameESTs# of ESTs
LIBEST_010864 HF24236704 1
Unknown7108608 93138734 2
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