PlantGDB/PLEXdb EST Contig Data Download Center

Files are in bzip2 format. To uncompress on Linux/Unix, use the command bunzip2 filename.bz2; to extract files from archive, run tar xvf filename.tar.

  1. xxxx.ESTcontig.fasta.bz2 - FASTA sequences for EST contigs compressed in bz2 format.
  2. xxxx.alignment.tar.bz2 - Individual alignment files between EST contigs and their member ESTs, archived in tar and compressed with bzip2.
Name Last Modified Size
PLEXdb.Oryza_sativa.ESTcontig.fasta.bz2Dec 15 200520.6 MB
PLEXdb.Oryza_sativa.alignment.tar.bz2Dec 15 200560.75 MB
PLEXdb.Triticum_aestivum.ESTcontig.fasta.bz2Dec 15 200511.6 MB
PLEXdb.Triticum_aestivum.alignment.tar.bz2Dec 15 200552.23 MB
PLEXdb.Zea_mays.ESTcontig.fasta.bz2Dec 15 20054.17 MB
PLEXdb.Zea_mays.alignment.tar.bz2Dec 15 200526.67 MB
PLEXdb_Probe.txt.bz2Jun 1 2007304.28 MB

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