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Transcript ID: GRMZM2G162508_T01
Locus ID: GRMZM2G162508
Description: filtered_set; syntelog; UniRef90: B6T9X3_MAIZE Fatty acid elongase n=1 (Zea mays) Exp=0; maizesequence.org: GO:0016747; transferase activity transferring acyl groups other than amino-acyl groups | RefSeq_dna:NM_001155563; fatty acid elongase (LOC100282655) mRNA | RefSeq_peptide:NP_001149035; fatty acid elongase | UniGene:Zm.136936; Fatty acid elongase | Uniprot/SPTREMBL:B6T9X3; Fatty acid elongase | GO:0016020; membrane | GO:0008610; lipid biosynthetic process | GO:0008415; acyltransferase activity | GO:0008152; metabolic process | GO:0006633; fatty acid biosynthetic process | GO:0003824; catalytic activity | EntrezGene:100282655; fatty acid elongase
Gene Location: chr1: 240783354..240787369
Closest Ds Site:   chr1: 240785033 ( -1.7 kb from 3’ end of gene)
Closest Ds barcode ID: I.S08.1403   [Order Seed]

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Number Ds Insertion
Barcode ID
Est. Ds Insertion Site Distance (kb)
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