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Transcript ID: GRMZM2G147966_T01
Locus ID: GRMZM2G147966
Description: filtered_set; syntelog; UniRef90: Q69LJ7_ORYSJ Os09g0438000 protein n=3 (Poaceae) Exp=0; maizesequence.org: GO:0055114; oxidation reduction | GO:0050664; oxidoreductase activity acting on NADH or NADPH with oxygen as acceptor | GO:0050660; FAD binding | GO:0016491; oxidoreductase activity | GO:0016021; integral to membrane | GO:0009055; electron carrier activity | GO:0005509; calcium ion binding | GO:0005506; iron ion binding | GO:0004601; peroxidase activity
Gene Location: chr7: 121010807..121015185
Closest Ds Site:   chr7: 121014368 ( -0.8 kb from 3’ end of gene)
Closest Ds barcode ID: B.S07.0160RB   [Order Seed]

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