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Transcript ID: GRMZM2G137648_T01
Locus ID: GRMZM2G137648
Description: filtered_set; ortholog; UniRef90: NU5C_SORBI NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit 5 chloroplastic n=216 (Poaceae) Exp=0; maizesequence.org: UniGene:Zm.141650; Transcribed locus | UniGene:Zm.155744; TSA: Zea mays contig30680 mRNA sequence | UniGene:Zm.90046; Transcribed locus | UniGene:Zm.93026; TSA: Zea mays contig08948 mRNA sequence | UniGene:Zm.93254; Transcribed locus | UniGene:Zm.93476; Transcribed locus | UniGene:Zm.141511; Transcribed locus | UniGene:Zm.140858; Transcribed locus | UniGene:Zm.140811; Transcribed locus | UniGene:Zm.127769; Transcribed locus moderately similar to NP_051106.1 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 [Arabidopsis thaliana] | UniGene:Zm.122966; Transcribed locus strongly similar to NP_043082.1 hypothetical protein ZemaCp081 [Zea mays] | MaizeGDB_GenBank:MZECPRN4; | GO:0055114; oxidation reduction | GO:0042773; ATP synthesis coupled electron transport | GO:0008137; NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) activity
Gene Location: chr1: 371975..375908
Closest Ds Site:   chr1: 238677 ( 133.3 kb from 3’ end of gene)
Closest Ds barcode ID: I.W06.0161   [Order Seed]

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Number Ds Insertion
Barcode ID
Est. Ds Insertion Site Distance (kb)
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