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Transcript ID: GRMZM2G112488_T01
Locus ID: GRMZM2G112488
Description: filtered_set; syntelog; UniRef90: Q10MP7_ORYSJ Os03g0300400 protein n=3 (Oryza sativa) Exp=4e-75; maizesequence.org: Uniprot/SPTREMBL:D4HR93; Pathogenesis-related protein 10 | GO:0009607; response to biotic stimulus | GO:0006952; defense response
Gene Location: chr1: 47177906..47178782
Closest Ds Site:   chr1: 47177976 ( -0.1 kb from 5’ end of gene)
Closest Ds barcode ID: B.S08.0609   [Order Seed]

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