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Redundancy Group: RS.0151

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Flanking genomic DNA sequence

diagram of ds insertion

W22 flanking DNA sequence(s) (fDs) listed under Putative Location in B73 Genome (RefGen_v1) were derived from 5' or 3' end of Ds-containing fragment, using primers either adjacent (5a, 3a) or distal (5d, 3d) to the insertion site. Directionality is as shown in the diagram. For more information see AcDs Help. See below for FASTA sequence and BLAST links:


Line was produced using r1 as a donor.
Ds element donor under selection for NULL transpositions.
Identified as Southern band of 0 kb.
Southern Notes: NULL

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Southern Image

Inverse PCR

Genomic DNA digestion performed using the restriction enzyme NULL.
Predicted to produce a 0 kb band using primers NULL.

Product was used in PCR again using primers NULL, producing a 0 kb band.


IPCR product was processed by NULL.
Sequencing reaction was performed using primers NULL and NULL.
Sequencing Notes: NULL

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