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GmGDB Downloads

GmGDB encompasses primary sequence data, including the most current genomic sequence, EST and cDNA sequences from GenBank, EST assemblies (PUTs) from PlantGDB, and microarray probes. The mapping of cDNA and EST sequences onto the genome as well as interpretations of the overall data are based on our own spliced alignment results.

The links below, mirrored on our FTP site, provide bzip2 archives of primary sequence used in the current version of GmGDB, as well as the MySQL tables that comprise the spliced alignment data and coordinates for all aligned sequences. For more information on the current datasets, their sources, and alignment methods, go to our Data & Methods page.

The soybean genome assembly is still being refined and completed. GmGDB attempts to remain synchronized with the most recent release of the genome sequence or assembly (if any) and annotations. If you have any questions or comments about this genome browser, please make use of our feedback form.

NameLast modified dateFile Size
0README_error Sep 17 2010 1.92 KB
GMGDB170.sql.bz2 Sep 17 2010 479.74 MB
GMGDB170_error.sql.bz2 May 11 2012 242.16 MB
GMcdna170.bz2 Apr 7 2009 2.61 MB
GMest170.bz2 Apr 7 2009 128.37 MB
GMgenome.bz2 Apr 7 2009 146.56 MB
GMput169.bz2 Apr 7 2009 27.39 MB
Gmax_109.fa.gz Mar 28 2011 269.83 MB
Gmax_109_RM.fa.gz Mar 28 2011 164.37 MB
Gmax_109_annotation_info.txt.gz Mar 28 2011 1.23 MB
Gmax_109_cds.fa.gz Mar 28 2011 17.75 MB
Gmax_109_gene.gff3.gz Mar 28 2011 5.33 MB
Gmax_109_peptide.fa.gz Mar 28 2011 11.45 MB
Gmax_109_readme.txt Mar 28 2011 2.1 KB
Gmax_109_transcript.fa.gz Mar 28 2011 22.42 MB
/previous_version directory

NOTE: For convenient batch download of GmGDB data files, visit our FTP site

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