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Researchers involved in plant genomics research have diverse interests: some are interested in learning about plant genomics efforts that are going on in other locales while others are more interested in acquiring protocols, ideas, or research outlines used by other groups. Listed below are various resources that will help you to find plant genomics information online as well as links to materials you can use as instructional resources for workers at various levels including undergraduates, technicians, coworkers, and administrators.
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1.  Mesembryanthemum
Program: Bohnert Lab
Institution: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Description: A genome sequence for Mesembryanthemum crystallinum would be of immense value for understanding the CAM pathway, the developmental peculiarities of the plant, and a number of morphological and molecular specialties that characterize many stress-tolerant species. From a standpoint of gene mining, we think that the plant has evolved not only stress-adapted versions of many proteins, but possibly also a number of novel paralogs of common genes for pathways that lead to stress tolerance. [ Map this location ]
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2.  Acorus americanus
Program: The Floral Genome Project
Institution: Penn State University
Description: Acorus americanus webpage within the Floral Genome Project website. Descriptive information, photo, reason for sampling, FGP libraries and EST sequencing, bibliography and links. [ Map this location ]
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3.  BarleyBase
Program: USDA - United States Department of Agriculture
Institution: Iowa State University
Description: BarleyBase is a USDA-funded public repository for plant microarray data. Currently, BarleyBase houses EXP, DAT, CEL and CHP files from the 22K Affymetrix Barley1 and Arabidopsis GeneChips, along with experiment information. Also included are probe sets for grape, rice, soybean, wheat, and maize. [ Map this location ]
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4.  Gramene
Program: N/A
Institution: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Description: Gramene is a curated, open-source, Web-accessible data resource for comparative genome analysis in the grasses. As an information resource, Gramene's purpose is to provide added value to data sets available within the public sector to facilitate researchers' ability to leverage the rice genomic sequence to identify and understand corresponding genes, pathways and phenotypes in the crop grasses. [ Map this location ]
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5.  Apple EST Project
Program: Apple Functional Genomics
Institution: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Description: The apple, Malus x domestica Borkh., is the most important deciduous tree fruit crop grown in the United States. This project will focus on developing genomic research tools and genome expression studies addressing flowering, fruiting, biotic and abiotic stress responses on a genome-wide scale. [ Map this location ]
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6.  Mt Genome at UC Davis
Program: Cook Project
Institution: University of California, Davis
Description: Physical Map of Medicago truncatula [ Map this location ]
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7.  Oryza sativa (rice) genome view
Program: NCBI Map Viewer
Institution: NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)
Description: The Map Viewer supports search and display of Oryza sativa genomic information by chromosomal position. The data are from five sources, the Rice Genome Project, RiceGenes, Gramene, Oryzabase and the ACWW Consortium. [ Map this location ]
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8.  Glycine max genome view
Program: NCBI Map Viewer
Institution: NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)
Description: The Map Viewer supports search and display of Glycine max genomic information by chromosomal position. [ Map this location ]
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9.  Brassica Genome Gateway
Program: N/A
Institution: BBSRC - the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Description: The purpose of this gatway is to be responsive to the Brassica and Arabidopsis user communities, publishing data in real time, soliciting nominations for the anchor probes and supplying BAC clones on request [ Map this location ]
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10.  The TIGR Triticum aestivum Gene Index (TaGI)
Program: The TIGR Gene Index Project
Institution: TIGR (The Institute for Genomic Research)
Description: The TIGR T. aestivum Gene Index integrates research data from international T. aestivum EST sequencing and gene research projects. The ultimate goal of the TIGR Gene Index projects, including TaGI, is to represent a non-redundant view of all T. aestivum genes and data on their expression patterns, cellular roles, functions, and evolutionary relationships. [ Map this location ]
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