Example 6: Annotation Fusion / Merger

perl xGAEVAL.pl --clean_db --GFF examples/example6.gff3


This example illustrates the ability of GAEVAL to detect evidence suggesting the merger of adjacent annotations. In this example, the Arabidopsis gene loci ( At1g08230.1 and At1g08233.1 ) should most likely be merged into a single annotation.

GAEVAL Results:

Incongruency Analysis (At1g08230.1)

1:  Putative gene 'Fusion' detected:
2:   At1g08233.1
3:    Bridged by contiguous evidence:
4:     42470476


In this example a full-length cDNA sequence (gi number 42470476) spans both At1g08230.1 and At1g08233.1. In addition the 3` terminus of At1g08233.1 is unsupported. These criteria enable GAEVAL to predicted a putative fusion event.