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Arabidopsis AltD

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At1g01020.169779319AltD(1); IntronR(1)similar to transmembrane ARV1-like family pro
At1g01140.1485844062AltD(2)Encodes a CBL-interacting protein kinase with
At1g01450.195566607AltA(1); AltD(1); IntronR(2)protein kinase-related, contains eukaryotic p
At1g01650.1152393656AltD(1)similar to protease-associated (PA) domain-co
At1g02780.144117460AltD(1)60S ribosomal protein L19 (RPL19A), similar t
At1g03310.1145841538AltD(1)Encodes a protein with strong similarity to i
At1g04140.164460752AltD(1)transducin family protein / WD-40 repeat fami
At1g04940.1419874541AltD(1); IntronR(2)expressed protein, similar to PREDICTED: simi
At1g05400.1452354104AltD(1); IntronR(2)expressed protein, contains Pfam profile PF04
At1g05520.111496764AltD(1)transport protein, putative, similar to Swiss
At1g05550.1786075096AltD(1)expressed protein, contains Pfam profile PF03
At1g06360.1162413837AltD(1); IntronR(5)fatty acid desaturase family protein, similar
At1g06500.12218253000AltA(1); AltD(1); ExonS(1); IntronR(1)expressed protein
At1g06570.11032145038AltD(1); IntronR(1)Mutation of the PDS1 locus disrupts the activ
At1g07745.1815810228AltD(2); IntronR(3)DNA repair family protein, contains similarit
At1g08125.11219799739AltD(1)Expressed protein
At1g08400.1610423471AltD(1)chromosome structural maintenance protein-rel
At1g08520.1445813828IntronR(1); AltD(1)magnesium-chelatase subunit chlD, chloroplast
At1g08570.177940462AltD(1); IntronR(3)thioredoxin family protein, contains Pfam pro
At1g08750.1155844927IntronR(2); AltD(1); AltA(1)GPI-anchor transamidase, putative, similar to
At1g09300.178724637AltD(1)metallopeptidase M24 family protein, similar
At1g09530.119510767AltD(1)phytochrome interacting factor 3 (PIF3) mRNA,
At1g09932.11319878910IntronR(3); ExonS(2); AltD(1)phosphoglycerate/bisphosphoglycerate mutase-r
At1g10095.1352354112IntronR(2); AltS(1); AltD(1)similar to farnesyltransferase alpha subunit,
At1g10340.11113937239AltD(1)ankyrin repeat family protein, contains ankyr
At1g14370.178722557AltD(1); IntronR(1)APK2a mRNA for protein kinase, complete cds
At1g14980.1119166661AltD(1)Encodes mitochondrial-localized chaperonin 10
At1g15110.12019698980AltA(1); AltD(2); IntronR(1)phosphatidyl serine synthase family protein,
At1g15280.123396620AltA(1); AltD(1)glycine-rich protein
At1g15390.11411320951AltD(1)encodes a peptide deformylase-like protein